Our services

When it comes to planning and implementing your projects, you will benefit from our experience gained in over 30 years of mobile communications technology. We have the know-how, the technical possibilities and the qualified staff to ensure the best possible implementation of your projects. We consider ourselves, in the classical sense, as the service provider and partner at your side. Our services range covers the following technical areas:

Planning services and site management

Planning services

  • Structural inspections and line-of-sight tests with appropriate equipment
  • As-built surveys, feasibility and building substance analyses
  • Design and execution planning incl. statics and structural drawings
  • Building, heritage preservation and other permits, lightning protection planning
  • Photomontages
  • As-built documentation


Site management

  • Monitoring of planning services following BTB
  • Cost estimates, preparation of tenders
  • Material procurement / call-offs
  • Scheduling and coordination of external companies (cherry picker, crane, roofer, civil engineering, …)
  • Final inspections and approvals
  • Site measuring / invoices

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services

  • Cable lines
  • Steel construction / new mast construction and reconstruction
  • Technical facilities / dry construction
  • Electrical installations up to 20kV
  • Lightning protection / grounding systems
  • Civil Engineering / foundations / outdoor facilities
  • Air conditioning, ventilation and safety engineering
  • Laying of fiber optic cables (LWOL) between switching exchanges
  • Laying of underground cables to extend the existing infrastructure
  • Maintenance / repair / upkeep / restructuring
  • Dismantling / demolition

Antenna systems & Cellular in-house coverage

Antenna systems

  • Manufacturer-independent new installation, expansion and modification of directional radio and mobile radio systems to meet
    GSM, UMTS and LTE standards
  • Laying of feeder and jumper cables, including the associated plug assemblies and cable grounding
  • All high-frequency measurements required for site documentation
  • Site determination by means of Thales GPS measurements
  • In-house coverage (Indoor /outdoor antennas, repeaters, splitters)
  • Digital communications for government agencies and organizations with official security functions


Mobile communications – in-house coverage

  • Performing site inspections, taking into account the special structural features of buildings
  • Selecting sites for the subsequent installation of network components
  • Carrying out radio field measurements as a basis for network planning
  • Performing radio network planning and defining of radio network components
  • Delivery and assembly of the required network components
  • Delivery, assembly and start-up of access points, repeaters, antenna amplifiers and active system components
  • Configuration of the entire in-house wireless communication system
  • Verification of mobile communication coverage by means of RF field measurements
  • Documentation of all installed systems and equipment

Mobile phone antenna sites

Mobile communication antennas for all networks

  • Expansion of modern mobile networks such as UMTS, LTE, LTE800, LTE1800 or LTE2600
  • Planning and implementation of your mobile communication antenna sites
  • Development and submission of applications up to the installation of mobile communication antennas
  • We erect mobile communication antennas in civil engineering and in building construction in accordance with your requirements
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